Dolly Puredance

Dolly has been with Pure Dance from the start! She is a super important person at Pure Dance, the glue that holds Pure Dance together!

Dolly first started dancing when she was only 4 years old. She has experience with tap dancing, Jazz, ballet and belly dancing. She joined one of the very first Pure Dance classes in 2010 and was addicted from first spin! Two years later, in 2012, she began instructing at Pure Dance. Now she loves to choreograph routines for classes and our competition team!

By day Dolly is a dog groomer with certificate 1 and 2 in animal attending and is also a certified microchipper. By night she is one of Pure Dances busiest instructors!

For any question big or small Dolly is your girl.

Dolly Puredance instructs the following:
  • Intermediate 1 Pole Dancing CHARLESTOWN STUDIO
  • After Beginner Pole you advance to intermediate 1 where we build on foundation moves and start getting you up the pole! Over the course of your 10 week pole dancing lessons you will build on your strength and ability to take your body weight during moves around the pole, AND begin your journey up the pole, learning how to climb and some basic moves sitting on the pole. And of course you will learn an awesome routine!

  • Stretch and Flexibility SANDGATE STUDIO

  • Stretch and Flexibility CHARLESTOWN STUDIO
  • There is no denying a full split, or even better a hyper extended split, of any kind looks amazing!! These classes are for those who really want to accelerate their achievement toward rubber band flexibility. Stretch classes take students at all levels, with different strengths and weaknesses, who require different stretches to get the maximum benefit in the safest way. Our classes provide different levels of instruction for each exercise and our teachers want to know your personal goals and concerns, so you know you will get the most you can from your class.

  • Intermediate 4 Pole Dancing CHARLESTOWN STUDIO
  • By now you are taking your body weight in your arms, and even one arm, while spinning around the pole. You can climb the pole and do moves sitting up the pole. You are going up side down, and you are confident to hang from the pole with only one or two points of contact. Your getting pretty good!

  • A mixed level (open) Pole Class.  

  • Advanced Preparation CHARLESTOWN STUDIO
  • Stepping up to the big league! This course focuses on polishing your technique and preparing you for Advanced. Be ready to start working meticulously on your technique, form, finishing moves and never, EVER, forget to point your toes!!

  • FloorWork

  • Advanced Pole Dancing SANDGATE STUDIO
  • Thinking of changing careers? This class is for those wanting to progress to the most advanced moves and combos. A great deal of upper body and abdominal strength is required for these pole dancing lessons, not to mention stamina. If you are a serious dancer, repeat Advanced Prep student, receiving private tuition, or you have become part of the furniture at Pure dance, join the full throttle action that is Advanced!