Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to my dancing lesson?

Whatever you feel comfortable in.
It really depends what class you are doing.  Generally Aerial Silks and Lyra you want all your skin covered but for Pole dancing you need some skin so that you can grip the pole, but all beginner classes can be done covered head to toe or not :)  

Its a good idea to layer your clothing so your always prepared.  Usually we wear bike pants/shorts with long dance pants or tights over the top and a crop top, tank top and 3/4 length tight top over that. No shoes for warm up and heels are optional for pole dancing classes. Don’t put moisturiser on your hands, legs or arms the day of your pole dancing lesson or you will find it harder to grip the pole.

Do I need to be coordinated to do dancing?

No. You do not need any experience dancing, doing aerobics, gymnastics or anything else to start learning how to dance. Just an open mind, relaxed attitude and wiliness to give it a go. Most people surprise themselves and at the very least have a good time and meet some really nice people.

Do I need to be flexible to do dancing?

No. You do not need to be flexible but I won’t lie, it helps. You can certainly be an awesome dancer with very limited flexibility, but there is no denying that a full split or even better, hyper extended splits of any kind looks amazing. For this reason, Pure Dance offer Stretch and flexibility classes for those who really want to accelerate their achievement toward flexibility. These classes take students at all levels, beginners to advanced, with all sorts of different bodies and conditions, even pregnancy, that require different stretches to get the maximum benefit in the safest way. Our classes provide different levels of instruction for each stretch or exercise and our teachers are interested in your personal goals and concerns, so you know you will get the most you can from your class.

Do I need to be strong to pole dance?

You don’t need to have lifted weights or had any previous training experience to start learning how to pole dance.  You will get a lot stronger at each level, over the course of your 10 week terms. However, for safety reasons, you won’t be able to move up to higher levels without certain competencies in this skill, and we strongly advise students in higher levels not to teach moves to students in lower levels.

Pure Dance offer classes in strength and Conditioning for those who need a little extra training to move up to the next level or for those who just want to accelerate their achievements.

Where is Pure Dance?

Pure Dance has two studio locations, Charlestown (Shop 2, 173-179 Pacific Highway, Charlestown, NSW 2291)  and Sandgate (Unit 2, 32 Rural Drive, Sandgate, NSW 2304).

What does Pure dance offer?

Pure Dance offer group and private dance lessons, host parties like Hen’s nights or team building events as well as offer studio hire for private functions.  Pure Dance also have a team of skilled professional’s able to take your event to the next level with an inspirational performance in any style of dance offered at Pure Dance.

Feeling Nervous?

Don’t be. We were all new to it at one stage, we know how you feel.  At Pure Dance we have students of all ages, shapes, sizes, ability levels, confidence levels and anything else you might be nervous about.   Come along for a FREE Trial Lesson, try it out, and see if its for you.   If it is, great!  If not, you haven’t lost anything

At Pure Dance we follow the three F’s – Fun, Fitness and Friends. Everyone is very supportive and encouraging and we have a good time and a laugh during class. But we also work hard on our own technique and moves, which requires a lot of concentration some times, so there is no need to feel like everyone will be watching you, they will be watching themselves, trust me. Of course your teachers will also be there to help you, often one demonstrating while the other walks around to help individual students as they need it. It is a supportive environment with your safety, privacy and comfort top priority.

And with your first lesson FREE you have nothing to lose. So why not try it, you might surprise yourself, get fit and meet some really nice people.